Robert Moreno: "You will need to ask Luis Enrique what happened"

After releasing a statement last night, Moreno spoke today about the continuing fallout from his sacking as Spain's head coach

Robert Moreno rompe su silencio  | El Golazo de Gol

Following Robert Moreno's statement last night, the now-former Spain coach was spotted by media outlets and spoke his silence on the matter.

Joan Tura

When asked what had happened with Luis Enrique, amid reports the returning coach didn't want Moreno to continue as his assistant, Moreno admitted he didn't know what the truth was. "You'd need to ask Luis Enrique. I think the best thing for all sides is that it remains between us. If the other wants to talk, let them talk. I don't have anything to say because I don't think it would be good for anybody."

When asked about the understanding tone of his statement, Moreno said: "That's how I am. I expressed my feelings. I'm just sorry I couldn't explain anything else. I honestly think that statement says everything. I don't feel betrayed."

"I've already started to get some calls from teams. It's incredible to see people value your work. But for now, I want to relax for a few days with my family."


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