Deportivo confirm they will face Fuenlabrada on Friday; launch attack on Tebas

"If it was up to us we'd put 11 cones on the pitch," is what Deportivo's president Fernando Vidal has said

El presidente del Deportivo, Fernando Vidal
El presidente del Deportivo, Fernando Vidal | EFE

RC Deportivo's president, Fernando Vidal, has announced that his team will face Fuenlabrada on Friday to finally conclude the regular season of LaLiga SmartBank. The match, which was already postponed due to a coronavirus outbreak amongst the Fuenlabrada squad, has great significance to their opponents but not for Deportivo, who have already been relegated. However, Depor will ask the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD) to consider Javier Tebas' actions throughout this whole process.

"We have always maintained our right not to play but the last paragraph of the Competition brief leaves us open to all avenues, such as the cancellation of the game week, its complete repetition, the possible relegation and loss of three points for Fuenlabrada. They were urging us not to appear at the match. That is why, and to safeguard the interests of Deportivo de La Coruña, because we have valid arguments, that we are going to play this match as to not break any rules."

However, Depor aren't ready to let LaLiga chief Tebas off the hook either. "Between this afternoon and tomorrow morning we will send a letter to the CSD president requesting the disqualification of Javier Tebas Medrano as president of LaLiga for abuse of authority, non-inhibition in a case of a conflict of interest and for breach of the rules of the competition."

Vidal explained that it was his team who asked for the match to be postponed by 48 hours until Friday. "But if it was up to us, we'd put 11 cones out on the pitch."


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