Angel Torres: Getafe won't travel to Italy even if they kick us out of Europe

The Spanish club are due to play Inter in Milan on Thursday

El presidente del Getafe Ángel Torres, con José Ramón de la Morena en El Transistor  | sport

Getafe president Angel Torres says his team will not travel to Italy under any circumstances this week for their game against Inter Milan.

Torres insists that they will not fly to Milan for the Europa League fixture even if it means UEFA kick them out of the competition. 

Milan is at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, where the whole country is now under lockdown as they grapple with Europe's worst outbreak of covid-19. 

"Either they move the game away from there or they postpone it," Torres told Onda Cero. "The easiest thing would be to postpone it. Unless a lot changes, Getafe will not travel to Italy. Getafe will not fly. We won't go to Italy whatever that means." 

The alternative would be to move the game. Torres says there is no "need" for Getafe to put themselves in the middle of Italy's coronavirus outbreak. He also said he's asked for the Spanish FA to help get the game suspended. 

"If we have to lose the tie, we will lose it," he added. "I am not going to take any type of risks, We're delighted to reach this stage but if that's what has to happen, that's what has to happen." 


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