The tense stand-off between Lionel Messi and Brazil coach Tite

Both told each other to shut up during Argentina's win over Brazil

Messi mandó a callar a Tite
Messi mandó a callar a Tite | sport

Leo Messi and Tite, the Brazil coach, had a face-off during Argentina’s 1-0 win on Friday in Saudi Arabia. Messi told Tite to hush himself after the coach demanded the Argentine playmaker was issued a yellow card.

Tite asked referee Matthew Conger, from New Zealand, to show Messi a yellow card after a foul on Casemiro the referee awarded.

Tite explained the incident in a press conference afterwards.

“I was complaining because it was a yellow card foul and then I saw him telling me to shut up, so I told him to shut up, and that’s it,” said Tite.

“These things stay on the pitch. But that foul was a yellow and I was right to complain.”

Tite also thinks Messi’s penalty shouldn’t have been.

“For me it was not a foul by Alex Sandro on Messi, it wasn’t a penalty,” added Tite.

“Games like this, Brazil v Argentina, need referees with experience. An English referee would not have blown for a penalty.”


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