Neymar, Bieber & Lewis Hamilton's selfie at Brazil-Ecuador

Barcelona star Neymar and Justin Bieber have become inseparable friends. Coinciding with his visit to America, the Brazilian forward went to the singer’s house, where they were filmed playing football together

On Saturday, Neymar and Bieber were once again back in the public eye, when they both made their way to the Rose Bowl to watch Brazil’s Copa America debut against Ecuador. The Barça man is not playing as his club side reached an agreement with his national side for him to only play in the Olympic Games this summer. 

But on this occasion the duo were not alone, they were joined by the British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. 

With a lack of goals in the game, there was just as much focus on the stands where the trio did not stop filming videos and taking selfies, which Bieber himself uploaded to his Instagram, where he has millions of followers - and he received well over one million ‘likes’. 

Despite not being called up for Brazil, Neymar has wanted to spend his holiday time with the national team. He surprised his team-mates on Saturday by turning up.  


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