Former Barcelona forward Lionel Messi "suffers playing in France"

Luis Suarez says the weather is proving difficult to adapt to for Messi

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Lionel Messi has only been in Paris for four months and, despite recently winning the Ballon d'Or, it hasn't taken long for the criticism to appear.

L'Equipe, for example, were very tough on his performance against Nice on Wednesday: "He gives the impression he's still playing with the same slow rhythm and, on occasions, he seems disconnected from his teammates."

With respect to Messi's situation in Paris, Luis Suarez has spoken to TNT Sport about his former teammate. The Uruguayan said their relationship remains in tact and that "we still speak every day."

Despite not wanting to generate any controversy, Atletico Madrid's Suarez added that Messi suffers with the climate in France and that "he told me when he plays in the cold he suffers a lot, above all in the snow. You have to get used to thee cold there, of course."



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