Chelsea aiming to bring in the new Kylian Mbappe

Malamine Efekele is starting to shine at Monaco at the age of 15

Malamine Efekele, el nuevo Mbappé, apunta al Chelsea
Malamine Efekele, el nuevo Mbappé, apunta al Chelsea | AS MÓNACO

Chelsea are very close to bringing in Malamine Efekele, a 15 year old forward who has been baptised the 'new Mbappe'.

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Per Tuttomercato, the Blues have had advanced contact with the family of the young player to bring him to London.

With the operation, Chelsea will try and correct the mistake they made back in the day, when they could have signed Kylian Mbappe at 14 years old but did not decide to.

Like the current PSG crack, Efekele has evolved in the youth categories at Monaco, the club where Mbappe came through. For his way of playing and his physical characteristics he's reminiscent of the French international.

They don't just compare Efekele for his way of playing. His trajectory is following Mbappe's path to the elite too. Like Mbappe, he came through originally at AS Bondy. And even trained under his father, Willy Mbappe.


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