Laporta reveals the Barca Femeni plans for next season

Laporta reveals the Barca Femeni plans for next season

| Javi Ferrándiz

The president hopes the women's team will keep on improving

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, spoke to Televisió de Catalunya at the end of the Champions League final and revealed that the club intends to continue promoting women's football in the difficult year of the move to Montjuïc. For important matches, Barça will look for other stadiums where the public can support the team.

Laporta commented that "women's football attracts a lot of fans and the Johan stadium is too small. We have to look for solutions. Maybe we can reach an agreement with some Catalan clubs in other stadiums, but it has not yet been decided. They deserve everything and we will do everything to make them feel accompanied".

The leader insisted that "the best thing is to look for imaginative solutions for next year. We must make sacrifices for another glorious year".

As for the match, the president said that "the important thing is not how you start but how you finish, the players have believed until the end. The half-time talk was very motivating, encouraging team spirit. Apart from the talent, they showed their colours. We won with a historic and well-deserved comeback.

Laporta regretted not having had more luck in the first half with "very clear chances, Wolfsburg are a serious team and the two goals came on the counter-attack. It's a way of playing that must be countered and I honestly believed that we would win".

The president remains, above all, with "the good chemistry that the team transmits, with a very good feeling. This is the Barça family".

The victory, according to Laporta, "represents that Barça continues to be a reference in the world of football, an institution loved by Culés all over the world. It is what we return. The activation, support and sacrifice made by the fans. It is a historic title".

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