Alexia Putellas: I’m 100 percent fit to play

Alexia Putellas: I’m 100 percent fit to play

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The Barca midfielder wants to feature in Eindhoven

Alexia Putellas had her sights set on reaching the Champions League final. And she has made it. The captain said she felt "one hundred percent" after the injury in the press conference before the last match against Wolfsburg. The objective is clear: "We want to take the cup to Barcelona".

On whether she is ready to start or not, she said that "the minutes I play, any player or myself, will depend on the coach, I will put everything at the service of the team".


"It's a final and the small details will make the difference," she said of the game, "Wolfsburg are one of the best teams in Europe and any decision we don't make can be detrimental to us.

One of the keys is that all the players in the squad made the squad for the first time in the last two years: "It makes us very happy. The fact that we are all in the squad, without asterisks, is very nice. It brings us together and makes us a group. We all want the same goal.

Turin memory:

"At the time it was traumatic for all of us, we had worked hard to get the win and it hurt us," she said of last season's final, "but it's something that will help us to go out with more enthusiasm now. 

"Last year's final was very close, despite the result, it was our worst game because of the way we had been doing things".


"I want to thank the fans for all the efforts they are making for us, both financially and in terms of time. There are several buses leaving today and it's a lot of hours, it's a lot".

"Their support is key, from tomorrow at 16.00h they are going to be one more, that plus in every action. We need them.

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