Promising Barça youngster walks away for family reasons

Promising Barça youngster walks away for family reasons

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The 13 year old midfielder is leaving to go to Poland with his family

Barcelona Infantil B midfielder Michal Zuk, one of the most promising young players in the youth system, announced on Friday that he was leaving for ‘personal family reasons’.

The 13 year old, who has been at La Masia since 2016, explained that ‘my family has decided to move from Catalonia to Poland for personal family reasons. For that reason I have decided to leave Barcelona to live with my family.”

The midfielder was predicted to rise up to Infantil A this summer. He recognised that ‘the club wanted me to stay for longer but today it’s hard to live alone without my family, right now it’s not possible. Maybe later when I am older I can see if it’s possible. Now I am 13 and I want to be closer to my family. There is time later to live alone.”

Zuk said in his statement that “I never thought this moment would come, but life is like this sometimes and you have to accept it and respect what you have to do. It’s bad luck that my family, my brother and I have to go through this, but we have to respect it. I ask that you don’t criticise my family, the club or anyone for this decision, but accept it and look to the future.

“It’s not a goodbye, because I want to keep playing football. I hope with the help of God I have the chance to live my dream of playing football and be able to come back and live and play in Spain, a country that gave me my passion, formed me and taught me football.”