Everything you need to know about FIFA's new Club World Cup

Barcelona are among the clubs set to take part in the inaugural edition

El Real Madrid celebra el título de campeón del Mundial de Clubes 2017
El Real Madrid celebra el título de campeón del Mundial de Clubes 2017 | EFE

FIFA are planning a new Club World Cup which will be launched in 2021 and will replace two current competitions: the current Club World Cup and the Confederations Cup (an international tournament). 

Juan Manuel Díaz


Here's everything you need to know about the tournament: 


The idea is to create a competition which can compare to the World Cup. It will take place every four years, taking the place of the Confederations Cup, usually in the second half of June. In the first edition in 2021 (China is a possible destination), the dates could be June 10-28. 


The 24 teams will be divided into eight groups of three. The eight winners will reach the quarterfinals. There will be no extra-time in the even of a draw, just penalties. All teams will play a minimum of two games (if they go out in the group stages) and five (if they reach the final).  


To form the list of 24 participants in the Club World Cup, FIFA will go on an invitation basis, including the most lauded and powerful sides in the history of international competitions, giving special credit to Europe and South America. Twelve teams will be from Europe, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, so there could be a Clasico. Also guaranteed a spot are AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Liverpool, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Juventus and PSG. The final two places will be filled by two of these teams: Atlético Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Benfica, Porto and Borussia Dortmund.

From South America there will be up to five of: River Plate, Boca Juniors, Santos, Flamengo, Peñarol and Nacional.


From the second edition, moving forward, the 12 European clubs will be the last four winners of the Champions League, the four finalists and the four clubs with the best coefficient who are not among those eight. 

For the Club World Cup 2021, the divide among confederations will be: 

  • UEFA (Europe) - 12 clubs
  • CONMEBOL (South America) – 4 clubs and 1 club in a playoff vs. a club from OFC
  • CAF (Africa) – 2 clubs
  • AFC (Asia) - 2 clubs
  • CONCACAF (North America) - 2 clubs
  • OFC (Oceanía) – 1 club in a playoff vs. 1 club from CONMEBOL
  • Host country – 1 club


In principle, the project is pending approval from FIFA, who will meet in Russia in the days before this summer's World Cup. UEFA were reluctant at first but all of Europe's big clubs, including Barça, support the competition. 


Between 25 and 35 percent of the income from the tournament will go to the respective confederations, while the remaining money will be shared among the 24 participating clubs. 

It won't be a small prizepot, either, with some reports claiming there will be 10 billion euros up for grabs during the first four editions of the Club World Cup (between 2021 and 2033), around 2.5 billion per competition. 



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