Espanyol captain apologises to fans after relegation

Javi Lopez was sorry for the team's bad performance

Javi López en una imagen de archivo
Javi López en una imagen de archivo | EFE

Espanyol captain Javi Lopez spoke after the 1-0 defeat by Barcelona that relegated his team.


“I am very proud of the game we played, the work of my team-mates and the infinite opportunities we had to make the result anything other than this. I apologise to our fans for all that we have made them go through. They are tough moments for us after a season where nothing went right,” said the player on Movistar.

“I also want to give thanks to the fans because, despite us not being good, they have always been with us. We apologise again and we are sure that we will return to the top flight stronger. The least we can do is apologise.

“We take all the blame, we are the most responsible for what has happened. We are those who play. We know it’s very hard but this has to serve to make us stronger. Let everyone know because a perico always keeps their head up.”


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