Victor Font: That Laporta has no project is not opinion, it's fact

Victor Font: That Laporta has no project is not opinion, it's fact

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He was in a bad mood with his presidential rivals

Victor Font has lashed out at presidential rival Joan Laporta. The Si Al Futur leader said that the idea that the ex-president doesn’t have a project “is not an opinion but a fact”.

“For a long time we’ve been working, explaining our project. We try to be respectful to everyone. I don’t criticise Laporta, merely contrast proposals. There’s nothing wrong with explaining things constructively. It’s not an opinion to say Laporta doesn’t have a project, it’s a fact.”

Font also denounced the fact that Albert Benaiges, who is part of his bid, was present at Laporta’s presentation on Thursday. 

“It’s a sad day, electoral dynamics have to put Barca’s interests first. We have gone a long time working with active personalities in Barcelonismo without asking for their exclusivity. Other candidates who don’t have a sporting project and are improvising have pressured Albert Benaiges to present it. It’s harmful to the club and the man.

“Yesterday he called us concerned. We told him to go to the presentation without a worry. When we win, we will count on him despite the fact he’s available to work for the club if Laporta is the new president. We believe in Albert’s talent.

“Benaiges has not abandoned the Font ship because we put the interests of Barca ahead of anything else.”


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