Victor Font: "It's irresponsible to say Barcelona can sign Haaland"

Victor Font: "It's irresponsible to say Barcelona can sign Haaland"

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The candidate for the presidency spoke about the Dortmund forward

Barcelona presidential hopeful Victor Font says that socios should not vote on March 7 "under the perception of a sextuple from 12 years ago," in reference to the feat achieved under his rival for the top jon at Camp Nou, Joan Laporta.

"The club's television channel wanted to organise a debate between the candidates and one of the candidates (Laporta) didn't want to go without justifying why and therefore showing a lack of respect to the socios," Font said in a press conference at his HQ at the Olivia Balmes hotel.

Font reiterated that it is "important" that there are debates between the three candidates (Toni Freixa being the third). He also added that the latest polling data, collected by the company GAPS, suggests that "more than 35,000 socios still haven't decided who they will vote for."

False expectations

Asked about the insinuation that Joan Laporta could bring in Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund, Font responded that "generating expectations about one of the stars that shone in the Champions League this week is irresponsible because it's not possible to sign him."

Font continued: "A few weeks ago the same candidate didn't want to sign Eric Garcia in the January transfer window because there's no money at the club."

However, Font did admit that "as a footballer" he loves Haaland and that "since Luis Suarez left the sporting structure we will have if we win are clear that we need to strengthen the attack."


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