Toni Freixa interview: Polls serve for nothing in the Barcelona ecosystem

Freixa spoke to SPORT about his dream of becoming the club's president on Sunday

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With less than 48 hours to go until voting opens, Toni Freixa has spoke to SPORT about his desire to be elected the new president of FC Barcelona.

Are you tired of the long electoral process?

No, the opposite. The time to explain our project, the better. It's not felt long to me because I love speaking about Barça.

Do you sleep well?

I don't sleep much, but deeply. Fortunately, I have no problems sleeping.

Nothing is ruining your sleep?


And in your dreams, you've seen yourself winning the election on March 7?

I have visualised it, yes, even if I am realistic and live day to day. I am not thinking of that moment, just what I have to do.

What's been the best thing about the campaign?

The best, without a doubt, is the contact with the socios.

And the worst?

The dirty war on social media, the fake profiles on Twitter and the constant insults. Just not I published a tweet saying "football is for the footballers" and in five minutes I have received 50 insults. It doesn't affect me, but am surprised at the people behind it all.

The first poll had you struggling to pass the cut to make the race...

In the Barça ecosystem, the polls serve for nothing.

What do you mean?

Barça's socios can change their opinion and perception at any moment. An electoral campaign is a huge occasion to make mistakes. Until the socios have deposited their votes, they can change their mind. I have a mountain of audios from Barça socios, that have become friends, that say they were going to vote for a certain candidate at first but will now vote for another they would never have imagined backing in principle.,

Some people have been surprised that you say you're as much a Nuñista as a Cruyffista.

I am a Barcelonista. And I know that Barça is great for all the people that have been at the club throughout 121 years of history. For that reason, I struggle to go against anyone. What I like to do is highlight the good of everyone. I've said good things about the former president Joan Laporta, like the confidence he showed in Rijkaard when things weren't going well. That's Barça, all the people that have made the club great. And Nuñez and Cruyff, each in their own ambit, have been the best of Barça.

If you don't win on Sunday, will you run for a third time?

Ufff, I'm not thinking about that right now. Ask me on Monday.

We will!




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