Laporta's 'PowerPoint' take down of Font in Barça electoral debate

The campaign to become the next president is heating up with polling day looming

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The second electoral debate between the three candidates to be the next Barcelona president started strongly on Tuesday, with Joan Laporta going in particularly hard on Victor Font.

Font alleged that the club's current sticky situation is due to the model of management, in which he says the "president believes they're the owner" with an "Alpha male" attitude.

He said: "Yes, (the problems) are to do with the model of the club because in the past there were situations that were not cleared up. Today we're talking about other things, of using the club's money to attack people. I have been attacked myself. This has happened for decades.

"With Laporta, the club's money was also used to investigate members of the board, for that reason we have to turn the page on (the current model)."

Laporta responded: "Projects aren't based on PowerPoints and organisational charts. While you were drawing up PowerPoints, we were winning the Champions League."

And also directed at Font, who said he would take Barça into the 21st century, Laporta quipped: "I don't know about Dubai (where Font often based), but in Catalonia, the 21st century began in 2000. And my model is proven in the 21st century.

"Barcelona have won four Champions Leagues in that time, two under my mandate and two more with the team that I left."




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