Laporta on election delay and what it means for Messi's Barça future

The candidate for the presidency spoke to the media after Friday's meeting

Jordi Delgado

The favourite to be elected the next Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, spoke to the media after Friday's meeting between the three candidates and the club's acting president Carles Tusquets. 

"They have informed us the election will be put back," Laporta said. "March 7 is the date being contemplated because it will allow greater participation and the local government have accepted a request for postal voting, too.

"There's also a report on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and it's predicted that the curve will be on the way down by then and we won't be in the situation we're currently in.

"Maybe it will be the end of the restriction of movement but even allowing for that the club will prepare polling stations in areas where there currently are none. 

"There were talks about Feb. 28 or March 7 and the latter was decided because postal voting can be used if we wait that extra week."  

On a sporting level, Laporta, who was Barça president between 2003 and 2010, also spoke about Lionel Messi and Eric Garcia. Having no president in place in January could affect their futures. 

"Messi right now is completely focused on catching Atletico in La Liga and PSG in the Champions League," Laporta added.

"I don't know if he will fit for the Supercopa final on Sunday but he will be with the team and it's important that Leo's supporting his teammates. He seems happier all the time to me, enjoying himself. 

"I know he wants to stay and I know that he will do everything in that is within his hands to stay as long as the club make an offer that adapts to his needs." 

As for signing Garcia from Manchester City this month, Laporta ruled it out. 

“Eric Garcia won't come this winter," he said. "We cannot give the managing committee a pass to make decisions like that. They explained the options and the figures and we all concluded that if he's out of contract in the summer the incoming board should decide whether to sign him.

"We assessed the player's salary and it was an operation that has to be completed with full knowledge of the club's financial situation."




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