Jordi Farre: Neymar will come to Barca very cheaply

The Brazilian is a target for the potential next president of the club

Jordi Farre, one of Barcelona’s presidential pre-candidates, presented his HQ on Thursday, based in Numanica street, near Camp Nou. He highlighted his project and doubled down on his bid to bring Neymar to Camp Nou.

“The players that will come will be chosen by the sporting director,” said Farre. “In this sense, during out meetings, we have said that there are only a few players with Barca level in the world and Neymar is one of those.”

Faroe added: “Information came out saying that we have spoken and yes, we have spoken with many people because we have to prepare a project. January 25 comes and there will be four days of the window left. We spoke with a lot of players and with Neymar too.”

In terms of the economics, Farre said: “In the end it will be very cheap. If you have to sell Barca, if you have to relaunch the brand Barca, it’s not the same as going to sale with a top player like him as without him. When you pay for a player of this type it’s not an expense but an investment, and you have to invest to grow and with Neymar it’s no different. These type of players come out very cheap.”




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