Joan Laporta: We've got winning morale but there are no favourites

Joan Laporta: We've got winning morale but there are no favourites

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The former president has a lot of signatures in his support ahead of the election

Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta brought 10,257 signatures backing him to the club to pass the cut for the election on Monday, with only 2,257 the bar to meet.

“I’m very grateful to everyone who has helped us,” said Laporta. “We have a campaign team who have worked really well, thanks to those at the collection points and the volunteers. I only have words of gratitude and pride, they managed to get a lot of socios signing.”

Former Barca chief Laporta says that there is no favourite in the race despite his strong showing to date.

“We passed the first round, trying to get as many signatures as possible, and not thinking about if we’re the favourites or not. We’ll go forward with winning morale and we want this to translate into a lot of votes.

“Now it’s up to the second round, the campaign. I hope to be able to debate with the rest of the candidates.

“To those who voted for me, I say that I need them to make me president to bring back the joy to Barcelona.”

In terms of the pandemic and the elections, he thinks everything should continue on course.

“I think that elections have to be conducted. They have put voting stations in the territories, to avoid conglomeration. And it would not make sense to suspend the vote, we’re in favour of it going ahead.”


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