Barça presidential candidate denounced "dirty war" in process

Emili Rousaud has spoken about claims a Bendito ballot was found among his forms

Controversy continues to surround the signed forms presented by the candidates to be the Barcelona president on Monday.

With the exception of Xavi Vilajoana, the rest of the candidates that failed to make the cut -- four of them -- either tore up their forms or didn't hand them in, clouding the transparency around the process.

During the campaign, there was talk of signatures being sold and of fraud. And on Wednesday, it's come out that a form for the candidate Agusti Benedito -- who didn't hand his forms in -- has been found among Emili Rousaud's forms.

Rousaud, Josep Maria Bartomeu's former vice president, has quickly come out to rectify the situation.

In a statement, he said his team was "unaware of how a ballot of the pre-candidate Agusti Bendito has appeared among the boxes we delivered to FC Barcelona on Jan. 11."

In addition, he alleged: "We don't believe it's by chance but that there's some malpractice from third parties at play. We suspect we are the victims of a dirty war from people who don't want us to be involved in the electoral campaign."

To prove it, Rousaud pointed out that he handed in 2,501 signatures to the club, but the club's first count claimed there were actually nine more, taking his total 2,510. In addition, on the screens at the club, the count even reached 2,534.




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