The referee helped Real Madrid in the UCL draw with Chelsea

If any team could complain about the refereeing, it's Chelsea

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In the end the story is the same. In Madrid they complained about a possible refereeing conspiracy against Real, because of Florentino Perez’s part in the Super League plot. Danny Makkelie refereed the game with Chelsea, a 1-1 draw, and he favoured Madrid.

The ref allowed Karim Benzema’s goal to stand despite Casemiro fouling a defender as he set it up. He also allowed a lot of heavy Madrid tackles to go without check, and did not give a penalty when Dani Carvajal shoved over Ben Chillwell. Marcelo was also only booked for a cynical foul from behind on Pulisic.

The referee went out conditioned by all the rumours spread in Madrid media after the Super League controversy. Marca even led on their front page, asking for ‘fair play’. But if any team could have complained at the end, it was Chelsea. 

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