This time it's final: Cassano has retired!

"Antonio Cassano wlll not play football any more" the player wrote on his wife's Twitter account

He apologises to Verona and their fans but he is no longer motivated to play

Cassano has previously donned La Samps shirt
Cassano has previously donned La Samps shirt | sport/englishEdition

Now it’s final. Antonio Cassano has put an end to his summer soap opera and his career as a professional footballer. In the last few weeks, the player’s head had been a mix of conflicting emotions.

Mar Bianchi


This morning, ‘Fantantonio’ decided to leave Hellas Verona and his agent has started the process for cancelling his contract. Despite the faith put in him, Cassano said he could face the strain of pre-season and the hours of concentration.

The player started to have doubts ever since he signed with Verona. He signed, announced his retirement and then changed his mind. This time it’s definitive. Or maybe not?

Although Cassano said this morning that “I'm physically well as I showed in the 15 days of training but I'm mentally not stimulated to continue in this club”, his wife immediately contradicted him on Twitter.

The player released a statement saying “As opposed to what appeared on my wife’s official social profiles, I would like to clarify the following. Carolina was wrong, after thinking and reflecting in the end I decided. Antonio Cassano will not play football any more. I apologise to the city of Verona, to all the fans, to the president. For a 35-year-old man I need to be motivated and at this moment I feel that my priority is represented by being close to my children and my wife”.

Cassano made his debut with Bari in 1999. He played for Roma, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, Milan, Inter, Parma, Sampdoria again during an 18 year career.


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