Juventus want to renew Cristiano Ronaldo's contract

The Italian club want the Portuguese striker to stay

Cristiano podría ampliar su contrato dos años más
Cristiano podría ampliar su contrato dos años más. | sport

The Cristiano Ronaldo plan is underway. With football stopped, teams are taking the chance to take care of their planning and squad work. The Portuguese forward has two years left on his deal but Juve want him to extend - despite the fact his deal takes him up to 35 years of age.

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Juve want him to sign on until 2024 - when he would be 39 years old. They would not increase his 30 million euro salary but instead try to convince him by bringing in a new strike partner to work with him - Werner, Icardi and Harry Kane are on the table. Cristiano wants titles and that's the way to do it. 



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