De Ligt: Someone has made stuff up about me

The Dutch defender dismissed reports about him and said he's happy at Juve

 De Ligt intentó un despeje desastroso ante el Sassuolo y a Buffon se le escurrió de las manos el balón... |

Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt denied that he wants to leave Juventus. "Of course I'm happy!" he said. "I've noticed that in the last few weeks, without football, someone has made stuff up about me. I'm really happy to be here, to train with extraordinary players every day. I have the sensation to be constantly improving day in day out and I'm very happy at Juve," he told Tuttosport.

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On being able to train again, he said: "It's a lot better. At the start, we could only work in small groups and could not make contact and yes, that was much harder. In recent days it's been nice to getting back to working normally, to play with the rest of the lads, to be together on the pitch."

On Cristiano Ronaldo: "He's an incredible professional, the best in his generation, one of the best in history, a great example for younger ones like me. To improve my game I always focus on him, including in training. His intensity is mad and you ask if he's really 35 years old. Of course he's demanding. He always wants to win and to win you have to have excellent team-mates. We want to show him we're good enough, so yeah, he's demanding but maybe it would be better to stay a 'stimulant'."


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