Cristiano to stay in Portugal as Juventus player tests positive for coronavirus

Cristiano, who was visiting his mother in Portugal, is unable to return to Italy as the country remains on lockdown

España prohíbe los vuelos directos con Italia durante catorce días | EFE

Following the sad news that Daniele Rugani had tested positive for coronavirus, Juventus introduced measures for all players to be placed in self-contained quarantine for the foreseeable future.

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Yet their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, isn't even in the country at the moment. He was visiting his mother in Portugal when the news broke about his teammate. He's been ordered to remain where he is and not return to the country. Italy actually has a lockdown on all flights in and out of the country at the moment as they look to contain the outbreak.

It's unsure how long Cristiano will be forced to stay in Portugal. 

Inter Milan, who faced Juventus recently, have suspended all football activity until further notice after Rugani's positive test.

Spanish football is yet to make a decision on its own competitions but an announcement is expected today.


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