Cristiano Ronaldo suggests a possible date for retirement from football

At 34, the Juventus player says: "Who knows what will happen in one or two years?"

Cristiano anotó el segundo gol de la Juve tras una gran jugada colectiva | Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo has hinted at a date when he could retire from football. The Juventus forward, who has a contract until 2022, has insinuated that he could quit the game in "one or two years."

The ex-Real Madrid man has recognised that "in recent years I have begun to think about the process of seeing myself off the pitch.

In the interview with Sport Bible, he added that he could even possibly retiree in "one or two years." 

His contract still has almost three years to run on it and after his time in Serie A he could leave the game, at the very least at the top level. Ronaldo will be 35 next February. 

"I still love football," he added. "I love entertaining fans and the people that love Cristiano. Age doesn't matter, it's about mentality. In the last five years, I've begun to think about what will happen when I am not playing. Who knows what will happen in one or two years?" 


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