Nagelsmann: My model is Guardiola's Barcelona

The RB Leipzig coach spoke about what ideas he looks up to

Julian Nagelsmann, entrenador del Leipzig alemán
Julian Nagelsmann, entrenador del Leipzig alemán | EFE

RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke to France Football and says his model is Pep Guardiola's - from the Man City coach's Barcelona era.

"My model is Pep Guardiola from Barcelona," Nagelsmann explained.

"I have always watched his work, and in particular how his team is projecting itself forward in a fraction of a second after the recovery of the ball.

"He made his mark at that time [with FC Barcelona], worthy of Johan Cruyff, and few teams managed to master the possession game by playing so high.

"Guardiola inspired me a lot, like Thomas Tuchel too, whom I had as a coach in Augsburg.

"He is a very demanding person who leaves nothing to chance. He is a perfectionist. What he achieves at PSG deserves respect. The way he manages Neymar is impressive and coaching PSG, it's not easy."


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