Guardiola: Sooner or later Catalonia will have independence

Pep Guardiola, who tends not to do private interviews, made an exception to speak to El Punt Avui about his entry into politics with Junts pel Si and he said that after 27-S (September 27, Catalan elections) “what is to come will be the best for everyone.” 

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The Bayern Munich boss said that he’s asked “every now and again” in Munich about the situation in Catalonia, although he said the interest recently has been “more often”, proclaiming that he and his family “have followed the process closely despite living far away.” 

Guardiola, in this sense admits that he feels “a little bad to have been in the USA at first and now in Germany while everything has been so passionate in Catalonia. I have the sensation of what they have lived, what they will live will be historic and that all this process will not be a step back.

“Sooner or later [Catalan independence] will arrive. Of that I am sure and both Catalonia and Spain will be better.” 


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