Erling Haaland spokesman hits back at Bayern Munich

Erling Haaland spokesman hits back at Bayern Munich

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Jan Aage Fjortoft used his beloved Twitter dot com account to make a point

Friend and spokesperson for the Haaland family, Jan Aage Fjortoft, has responded to Bayern director general Oliver Kahn. The former keeper told Sport1 that the Norwegian striker Erling Haaland is “an excellent striker” and “a very interesting player for the future but he’s far from our economic possibilities, with financial dimensions beyond our imagination”. 

Fjortoft has hit back on his beloved Twitter, writing: “Bayern - boss Kahn says Bayern are out of the race to get Erling Haaland because of the financial package.

“Well, well…looking forward to the day the whole truth about this will be revealed.”

He wrote it in English and then in Spanish.

Haaland is set to go to Man City, Real Madrid or Barcelona this summer. Bayern are trying to keep Robert Lewandowski, who Barcelona are interested in too.

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