Xavi: The president is confident and says we can reinforce

Xavi: The president is confident and says we can reinforce

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The coach is hoping for several new players this summer at Barcelona

Xavi spoke to the media on Saturday ahead of the last game of the La Liga season.

The coach did not want to give a grade to the team but did say “we have saved a situation that could have been a lot worse. We have gone from worse to better, b ut it has not been a good season, we cannot lie to ourselves. We have not known how to compete at the key moments, in the KO tournaments. I won’t give a grade because they will criticise me, whatever I say. We have improved in the play, above all in the second half of the season. We have to reinforce for next season, I am the first that demands that of myself. I have told the players what I think, we have to turn everything around.”

In terms of plans for next season, the coach said “the president transmits confidence to me, and that we can reinforce ourselves. We’ve done the sporting planning, but I don’t want to talk about money, I’m here to talk about football. The economic diagnostic is what it is, but we will talk about football.”

On Villarreal, Xavi said: “They are the best team we have faced in the league. Tomorrow they are playing to get into the Conference League. We need to show personality and something for the fans to come and enjoy. There will be a lot of chances and a good spectacle. And obviously, we want to win.”

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