Xavi: It would be no inconvenience to coach Messi

Xavi: It would be no inconvenience to coach Messi

Xavi dirigió su primer entrenamiento como entrenador del Al-Saad / | @AlsaddSC

The former Barca captain says he has a good relationship with the club's stars still

Xavi Hernandez spoke to Diario ARA in an interview on Sunday and was asked about coming back to coach the current Barca squad. 

"I don't know if it will be a bridge to Barca," said the Al Sadd coach, in his first season in the position. "The only thing that I'm worried about is doing well here, winning titles and making some mistakes to be able to learn for the future."

Asked if he would like to coach Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Co, he said: "It would not be inconvenient, I know how Leo, Luis, Busi, Jordi Alba, Pique and Sergi are, I know how they train, their capacity for leadership, if they are sad or angry... I hope as a coach I could have three, five, eight or 10 players that I already know and I have a good relationship with."

Of Messi he added: "He's a player who if you convinced him could even become the best defender! (in the world). He's got physical and mental speed. He's got it all. If you convince him to run, what do the rest do? Run double. The problem is in midfield if there's not good defensive work and people get forward, you suffer on the counter."

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