Will Barcelona be crowned champions of La Liga this season?

La Liga and the RFEF will decide in 15 days what they should do

 LaLiga ha decidido frenar su actividad durante las próximas dos jornadas | sport

With La Liga suspended for the next two weeks, the next step will be to decide what will happen if it's cancelled. No one can predict what decision will be taken at the moment as coronavirus continues to spread, so all scenarios are on the table. If the league does not restart, there are many questions about how to resolve the season. One of them -- perhaps the most important -- is how will the champion be decided?  

Ivan San Antonio


According to the competition's rules, La Liga and the RFEF should build a commission formed by the general secretary of the league, the general secretary of of the RFEF and the competition chiefs of both organisations. They would be in charge of deciding who wins the league. However, if there's no agreement, the ruled allow the RFEF president, Luis Rubiales, to decide how the league winners are confirmed -- or he can delegate. 


Before reaching that point, the league would have to be canceled, something which will be decided in 15 days and will depend on how the situation surrounding covid-19 is in two weeks. La Liga, in this sense, are advising clubs that Euro 2020 will not be a problem because it's almost a given that it gets suspended. But the Copa America could be more of a problem if players are forced to play in the tournament in Argentina and Colombia. 

If the league is cancelled, the title could be left vacant, a possibility which seems to be gaining favour in Italy's Serie A. Barça are waiting to see what happens because a ninth league title in 12 years could be decided in the offices and they are currently top of the table. 

What is clear is there are no precedents for this type of situation, so whatever is decided will be improvised in some degree. The ideal scenario is that the league will be completed on the pitch but that is looking increasingly unlikely. 



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