Why would Xavi contract renewal only be for one year?

Why would Xavi contract renewal only be for one year?

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The extension of Xavi Hernández's contract with FC Barcelona shouldn't be delayed. His current contract runs until 2024, and there is good rapport between the parties and a willingness to extend his tenure with the first team. He is the man trusted to lead a project that has only just begun, and he already planted the first significant seed with last season's La Liga title.

Although initially, there was talk of a two-year renewal until 2026, all indications point to a one-year extension. Xavi would sign until 2025. This year-to-year formula was previously seen with Pep Guardiola.

In fact, it's a top priority on Deco's agenda right now. The director of football is currently on vacation, but when he returns (expected next week), he will work on finalizing an agreement that is well underway.

As mentioned, Xavi's project is still in its early stages, and the Valencian coach wants to achieve something significant, leaving a mark at the club of his life. Why is the club deciding to renew him for only one year? It's due to financial fair play considerations.

Sport have learned the impact in terms of expenses is lower if Xavi signs for one year compared to two. In the current economic context, even a small reduction is significant on the balance sheet, making it important to minimize this aspect as much as possible.

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