Why does Deco want to sign Moscardo for Barcelona?

Why does Deco want to sign Moscardo for Barcelona?

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Deco was a winning footballer, with great quality and a great personality, which made him a born leader. And now, he intends to imprint these same values during his tenure as head of Barça's sporting department.

One of the areas where his character will be best expressed is in his firm and sustainable commitment to young talent. He intends to go to great lengths in the search for quality players to come to the Nou Camp Nou to exploit and offer their best professional years in Blaugrana colours.

For this reason, Deco has accepted the risk of going to the Brazilian market to fish for one of the great sensations of the year to occupy such a key position at Barça as defensive midfield. The target is Gabriel Moscardo, the emerging star of Corinthians. He is a different kind of player, with a good physical presence (he is 1.85m tall), with perfect technical command with both legs, vision and a great deal of personality. He has a Barça profile.

Deco was the key man in the signing of Vitor Roque: he recommended his incorporation when he was an external advisor to Joan Laporta and executed his signing when he was already collaborating from within. And now he intends to repeat the operation with another young talent also from the 2005 generation. 

Gabriel Moscardo es un mediocentro que juega en el Corinthians

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In a period of sporting and financial reconstruction, Barça know they do not yet have the necessary muscle to compete with the continent's big clubs for the players who make the difference. That is why it needs formulas that go beyond a conventional transfer (only Oriol Romeu has been signed in this way this past summer).

One way, very well exploited in the last two seasons, has been to 'fish' for players who are out of contract (Gundogan is the paradigmatic example); another is to look for signings that seem impossible (Cancelo and Joao Fèlix) on loan, and a third is to anticipate the competition by signing young players, who will soon be given a chance.

In the latter situation is Vitor Roque, now out with a ligament injury in his right ankle, who when he arrives in January will have quality minutes to help rest Robert Lewandowski up front.

And Deco believes Gabriel Moscardo, despite having only been playing in the elite for three months, is capable of joining Barça next summer and starting to earn his place.

Deco's confidence in young players is non-negotiable and contagious. You only have to look at the evolution this season of Xavi Hernandez with the canteranos like Lamine Yamal or Fermin Lopez.

And in the construction of Barça next season, there will be space reserved for the incorporation of this profile of player. The first moves have already begun with the contact with Corinthians and the declaration of interest in their new 'jewel'.

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