Why do Barcelona want to sign in January and NOT in the summer?

Why do Barcelona want to sign in January and NOT in the summer?

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Barça's spending cap could be higher in January than it is in the summer

Barcelona have made a huge financial effort to strengthen Xavi Hernandez's squad. The registration of many signings was the consequence of the famous financial palancas, as well as the exits of some players. Barça president Joan Laporta says they are now already on the look out for January deals. Why not wait until summer?

The reason is simple within the complexity of maintaining a healthy economy so as not to be conditioned by LaLiga's salary cap. LaLiga publicly reports twice a year (in February after the winter market and in September after the summer market) the salary limit of each squad. However, the salary cap is updated each time the clubs intend to sign (in this case the next window will be in January).

In that sense, the forecast, according to the numbers that Barça have, is that during the winter market, the club will be able to continue registering players according to the 1:1 rule. This rule allows the Blaugrana to use each euro that is saved from hypothetical exits or wage cuts on new incorporations.

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On the other hand, the same numbers indicate internally that next summer, if things do not change much, the club will again be forced to submit to the 1:4 rule, which indicates that only 25 cents can be used for new signings by every euro released.

Faced with such a situation, the club is planning to advance signings that should be made in the summer to January. Signing with 1:4 would mean making too great an effort economically and, surely, it would force the activation of new palancas, something that Barça want to avoid.

The more than likely elimination from the Champions League has not helped the numbers improve to avoid going back to the old ways as far as the salary limit is concerned. As well as the deferral of some salaries that will grow again next season.

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