Who's eating what? Barcelona players post-game meals revealed

A sneak peek at what Barcelona players eat after games has been revealed, after a sheet with the information on was leaked from their Malaga hotel on Wednesday night.

Here we can see their dinner choices, which are often consumed on the coach home or in the dressing room. 

As well as the below list, the players also get a drink - most choose water but Lionel Messi picks Sprite - and a yoghurt and a biscuit.


Who's eating what: 

Ter Stegen: sushi and nutella sandwich 

Montoya: ham and cheese pizza 

Piqué: nutella sandwich and fruit 

Rakitic: sushi (two servings) and fruit 

Busquets: pizza with ham and fruit (pineapple and strawberry only) 

Xavi: chopped chicken breast and ham pizza 

Pedro: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit 

Iniesta: pizza with ham and cheese and bologna sandwich and chorizo Iberico 

Luis Suarez: ham and cheese pizza and Caesar salad 

Messi: cheese pizza 

Neymar: pizza with ham and cheese and fruit 

Rafinha: ham and cheese pizza, sushi (two servings) and banana (two) 

Bravo: white pasta and fruit 

Mascherano: pasta salad and fruit (two pieces) 

Bartra: ham and cheese pizza and sushi 

Douglas: cheese pizza 

Jordi Alba: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit 

Sergi Roberto: sushi and triple nutella sandwich

Adriano: ham and cheese pizza 

Alves: four cheese pizza 

Mathieu: ham and cheese sandwich 

Masip: tuna pizza, tuna and veggie sandwich

Samper: pizza with ham and fruit 

Sandro Ramírez: pizza with ham, cheese and tuna and fruit 

Munir: cheese pizza and fruit



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