Was Philippe Coutinho photoshopped into the team photo of the 20-21 season?

The Brazilian is in his homeland in theory recovering from another knee surgery

| sport

FC Barcelona have published their official team photo for 2020-21. And quickly a detail from the image provoked a lot of comments on social media.

Philippe Coutinho is the focus of the attention, because he appears in the photograph. However many say that he has been photoshopped in. That’s because he’s in Brazil, recovering from surgery, and also because the area around his head looks tampered with.

Other aspects of the photo have drawn comments too. One is Ousmane Dembele, who is the only one not looking at the camera. Gerard Pique is the only one in the front row without his hands on his knees. President Joan Laporta’s distorted tie knot is another.

However something definitely not photoshopped was the chief’s hug with Lionel Messi, shown on Barcelona’s Twitter. 




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