War over Dani Olmo as Bayern and Real Madrid join chase with Barca

The Catalans will have tough competition to bring back their former player

Así juega Dani Olmo, jugador en la órbita del Barça | SPORT.es

Diario Sport’s report about Barcelona’s interest in Dani Olmo caused a stir among many European teams. These clubs had the Catalan player on their agenda but until now they had not moved, knowing that there is still time until the next summer transfer market and understanding that it will be very difficult for Dani to leave Dinamo Zagreb in January.

Josep Capdevila



But knowing that Barca are interested in the signing of Dani Olmo has set off the alarms at many clubs. They know that if the Terrassa born player can choose, he will choose Barça as his destination and that is why they have been quick to move.

The list of clubs interested in the Dinamo Zagreb player is wide. Some had already come to light previously, such as Manchester United, Olympique Marseille, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool. But in the last few hours, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have got involved.

All of them face a double handicap: trying not to pay the 25 million that, at least, Dinamo Zagreb want for Dani and convince the club and the player that their offer, whether economically or sportingly speaking, is better that of Barcelona.

And Barça, of course, are not standing still. Several meetings have been held with the player's representative, the former Atlético de Madrid player, Juanma López. The last took place this Tuesday and Barca’s representatives left the position of the club very clear. Dani Olmo is a player that interests them, they believe that he can still make a lot of progress and that is why they want to follow him very closely. For that reason, they will scout him in several matches during the season and what they have asked the player and his people is to wait before making any decision on his future.

In the next few months, contact between Barcelona and Olmo’s people will be habitual, because what the Catalan club does not want is for some other team to swoop in. The only sure thing is that Dani Olmo will have enough suitors next summer.



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