Villarejo claims Laporta gave info about Rosell,

Villarejo claims Laporta gave info about Rosell,

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Ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has claimed that the current president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, leaked information about Sandro Rosell, who ended up in pre-trial detention for two years.

In an interview with RAC1, he said: "Although he is not a politician, there are three kinds of enemy in politics: the ruthless, the bloodthirsty and the party colleague. In Rosell's case, it was Laporta who gave us this information". 

To the surprise of journalist Jordi Basté and former president Artur Mas, Villarejo gave more details. "People from the president's entourage, who he had kicked out, leaked information about Rosell.

"There was a person that you protected quite a lot, a certain Martorell [Xavier], who was in charge of security at Barça and partner of a detective firm that continues to work with the CNI," he said.

SPORT sources have learned Laporta is considering legal action against Villarejo and says what he has said "is totally false".

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