Victor Font on Xavi's Barça appointment and a Messi return in 2023

Victor Font on Xavi's Barça appointment and a Messi return in 2023

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Font has spoken about the latest issues at Barça after remaining silent for months

Victor Font has spoken publicly once again after several months away from the spotlight. In an interview with RAC1, the former candidate to the Barcelona presidency, spoke about the return of Xavi Hernandez to Camp Nou.

With more desire to contribute to the club than to create competition, Font was excited with Xavi's appointment, saying that "he will move the club forward."

In addition, on Lionel Messi's departure, Font added that "the club must be working on how Leo can return in 2023."

Continuing on Xavi's presentation on Monday, Font congratulated the club on "finally seeing that this was the best solution. Monday was an exciting day. Xavi will take the club forward because he knows how to work and has very clear ideas.

"He's an asset to the club. I celebrate as much as anyone that the people running the club now coincide with what we thought. It is a shame to have lost these months, but we have to congratulate everyone for the fact Xavi is finally leading the sporting project.

"We will see changes in the first game. I have spoken with him about football and it is a delight to listen to him. That's only happened to me with him and with Guardiola. It will be a more recognisable football. Wingers staying wide, pressing high, winning the ball back as quickly as possible. There won't be miracles, but we will soon see the football we identify with."

With regards to Messi, Font, who didn't say if he will run to be president again, said: "He deserved to go out in style. From the moment he left, the club should have been thinking how Messi can return to Barça in 2023."



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