Veronique Rabiot: Adrien is a prisoner at PSG

The player's mum and agent is angry about his treatment and made some claims

 En la entrada al estadio del PSG, algunos le gritaron a Rabiot que se fuera a la CIudad Condal |

Veronique Rabiot, Adrien Rabiot’s mother and agent, told L’Equipe that her son is a prisoner at PSG.

She is angry about the decision to keep him away from the team and defended claims about his nocturnal life after he was photographed at a disco after PSG were beaten by Manchester United.

"I do not want to cry about it, or to weaken Adrien even more by responding to those who are saying he is not good," Veronique said. "I can only tell you that he feels very bad [about] everything that happened.

"Adrien is a prisoner! He is even held hostage by PSG. Soon it will be dry bread, water, and a dungeon. This environment is cruel."

Rabiot did not want to sign a contract extension and can leave for free in June. This angered PSG who separated him from the squad.

“(PSG) want to control his private life even when they don’t want him as a player,” complained his mum.

“PSG want him to be in pyjamas by 9pm on the dot, before the game, sit in front of the TV, to go to bed at 11pm sharp. They don’t understand the rhythm of life the players have. They throw in his face that he goes out to the disco and they don’t let him play. That’s contradictory.”


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