Van Gaal launches a scathing attack on Lionel Messi and Barça

The Dutch coach didn't hold back as he gave his opinion on proceedings at his former club

Messi tuvo que hacer lo imposible para sacar un punto ante Paraguay | DAZN

Louis Van Gaal isn't afraid to say what he thinks. The Dutch coach, who is currently unemployed, gave his opinion on Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona in an interview with 'El Pais'. He even spoke on the potential return of Neymar to the Camp Nou.

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Here are the main points of that Van Gaal interview:

Messi: "Look at Barça. How many Champions League titles have their won with the person they say is the best player in the world? Look at Neymar at PSG. How many Champions League titles have they won? Neymar and Messi are players I like as individuals but they aren't team players."

Barça and the Champions League: "Messi must ask himself why it's been so long since he won a Champions League. He's the best individual player in the world because his numbers are incredible. I like him a lot! But, why hasn't he won a Champions League in five years? Why? As captian, he should ask why his team hasn't won in Europe."

Neymar's return: "I remember Neymar at Barça played for Messi. I've got nothing against Neymar. He's fantastic but at PSG he doesn't play for the team. And I think that every player should play for their team (first), including Messi."


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