Valverde: "We want to play 'El Clásico' in front of our supporters"

Valverde: "We want to play 'El Clásico' in front of our supporters"

Valverde no es partidario de aplazar el Clásico | Marta Fernández

Barça's head coach is against the idea of switching the match to the Santiago Bernabeu

Ernesto Valverde has weighed in on the debate about what happens to the upcoming 'El Clasico' fixture which is currently set to be played on the 26th October at the Camp Nou.

"It's true that there's been talking of switching the fixture and for the first match to be played at the Bernabeu. But that isn't what we want to see happen. We've got a match on Wednesday and would need to travel away again. Not only because of that but we'd also like to respect the schedule and supporters. The most normal option would be to play at our ground."

Valverde also admitted that there was plenty of time to find a solution. "We'll see what happens but we're in danger of getting too far ahead of ourselves. There are still nine days left but it's a complicated week in Barcelona. But I insist, we want to play in front of our own supporters."

For Valverde, the chance of playing the match at the Camp Nou would be a chance for Barça supporters to set an example. "I believe it would be an opportunity for us to show a lot of things to the people here."



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