UD Ibiza president: We're a serious club, we're not a nightclub

Amadeo Salvo says Esport Club showed his side "a lack of respect" using Pacha logo

Amadeo Salvo, junto a Guillermo Amor
Amadeo Salvo, junto a Guillermo Amor | EFE

Amadeo Salvo, the president of Unión Deportiva Ibiza, Barcelona's rivals in the Copa del Rey, has criticised the program Esport Club on TV3 after they replaced the club's badge with the cherries from the Pacha nightclub logo. 


The former Valencia president published on Twitter: "There are more fools than windows @esport club and you're among the worst. A waste of television @tve3cat financed by public television to associate @ibizaud with a nightclub you at least have to be funny. We'll see you at Can Misses and I will tell you to your face."

Speaking on COPE later, he added: "Maybe I was a bit over the top. It's a funny show, that on the other side puts a butifarra (sausage) or the face of Puigdemont... But it's a lack of respect towards a modest club. We're a serious club, we're not a nightclub. It makes no sense to put a commercial brand on public television. It didn't sit well with me." 

Barça tie

With respect to the Barcelona game, he said. "It doesn't matter to us if it's Barcelona or Real Madrid. They're both clubs of a similar dimension. The draw has gone down very well. It's a reward for the players and the supporters. The important thing for us is the league because we know we can't win the Copa del Rey, but we can win the league." 

He added that he's confident of squeezing 7,000 fans into Can Misses for Barcelona's visit "if in the end we make more room. This Wednesday we will meet with companies about temporary stands." 



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