More trouble with Gavi's registration for Barca

More trouble with Gavi's registration for Barca

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The Catalans were told they sent paperwork too late so he can't be registered

Blow for Barça in the courts. According to Relevo, the court order that allowed Gavi to be registered as a Barça first team player has been suspended. The 12th Commercial Court of Barcelona, which allowed Barça to register the midfielder on a precautionary basis before the close of the winter transfer window, against LaLiga's decision to deny his professional card, has suspended the decision due to a defect.

Relevo say Barca's appeal arrived a day after the deadline -- and that was reason for the lifting of the precautionary measures. However, sources from the Catalan club assure that the appeal was not presented too late and that "the decision has been taken by the lawyer of the Justice Administration. As it is not yet final, the precautionary measure must be maintained." 

The court has told the club the decision this Monday, and they can appeal it. If this judicial measure is confirmed, Gavi will have to go back to playing with the reserve team (something he could do without a problem this year as he has a La Liga pass that allows him to do so) and change his shirt number. He will have to give up the '6' and take back the '30' with which he played previously. 

Looking ahead to next season, the problem is still there. With the change in La Liga's regulations for registering players, Barça had to justify Gavi's salary (recently renewed) for this season and the next two, something that, with the salary limitations Barça have, is another problem. Barça appealed against this change in the economic control of La Liga and against the timing of the application of the rule and, although they won on a precautionary basis, the Administration of Justice has taken a contrary decision in the last few hours.

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