Total divorce between Neymar and PSG

The player wants to leave and PSG know it, with Barca hoping to resign him

 El jugador quiere volver al Barça y este año su salida es más posible que el curso pasado | Laia Cervelló

The Neymar operation keeps advancing and has been for several weeks. The divorce between the player and PSG is practically total and he could leave the club this summer. In fact, the player said in May that he did not want to return to Paris. Last summer he did the same but PSG would not let him go, but now circumstances are different. Ney is fed up of the club’s European failures and believes he should return to La Liga to continue his sporting career. At Barca they are aware of all the movements, although they are acting cautiously to avoid a confrontation with the Parisians.

Neymar knows he was wrong to leave Barca. He did it for money but also to construct a grand project and be the main star in it. Two years on, the picture is different. The team has failed and injuries have kept him out too. Neymar is hunted in each game by opponents, worse than it was in Spain.

Neymar is against the idea of starting another season in Paris and the club knows it. They tried to give him a multimillion renewal but it’s not a question of money now. Neymar wants important titles and to feel happy on the pitch and he may only have that at Barca. His team-mates want him back and he wants to play with Messi and Luis Suarez again. That’s his dream, but it’s up to PSG.

Coach Thomas Tuchel has asked for the dressing room to be cleaned out in the summer and believes the club should remodel based on young players, hungry for titles.

Tuchel is fed up of stars causing problems and Neymar could be another if he starts a new season unhappy.

The operation is very tricky and at Barca they know it. The fact PSG are interested in Coutinho could help negotiations. Neymar was a dream for Barca but bit by bit he is starting to look more like a reality.



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