The truth about Antoine Griezmann's supposed comments in France Football

France Football claimed Griezmann's struggling to adapt to the dressing room at Barça

Griezmann tuvo la victoria en sus botas | RFEF

"They won't be able to with me, I am not going to give up. Oh yes, they're jealous of me (for winning the 2018 World Cup). Better just to smile." France Football revealed at the weekend supposed quotes from Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann in which he complains about the cold reception he's had in the Camp Nou dressing room, because of his status as a world champion. 

Miki Soria


Miki Soria


The piece analyses Griezmann's first few months at Barcelona and his relationship with the 'heavyweights' in the dressing room, among them Lionel Messi. According to France Football, Antoine emits in private some complaints which he doesn't express in public. It is there, in this context, that they introduce the comments in which he supposedly talks about jealousy because he won the World Cup with France two years ago. 


Nothing could be further from reality. These 'comments' do not exist. SPORT has learned that the forward has never spoken with France Football nor has he given them an interview. The comments which he supposedly said have never been said, not even to those closest to him. 

The French publication also assures that Griezmann's partner's not happy in the Ciudad Condal. "Erika complains to her friends that she has a lack of social life and misses the capital," they claim, and suggest that could force the forward to look for a move in the summer, something that no one is thinking about. 


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