The trade-up: Semedo, Cancelo, Lautaro, City, Inter, Barca

Barca's defender could go to City, with Cancelo heading to Inter Milan

Semedo, clave en el fichaje de Lautaro
Semedo, clave en el fichaje de Lautaro | sport

There's going to be plenty a curious deal constructed this summer as clubs look to make signings without spending too much money.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

Barcelona want Lautaro Martinez and the key to the deal could be Nelson Semedo.

Semedo could go to Man City, which could allow Joao Cancelo to come back to Inter, and then they would allow Barcelona to pay less money in cash. It's a three-way deal.

Corriere dello Sport revealed this stand-off and Barca don't think it's a bad idea. They have been looking to find ways to reduce Lautaro's cost. Inter want a right back, Barca offered Semedo but his salary is above 4m euros a year and he had a big offer from City on the table.

Emerson was the other option, who is on loan at Betis and Inter like him too.

Inter asked about Cancelo, whom City were interested in trading for Semedo and cash. That's where the deal comes from. Lautaro is very, very close.


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