The three key points of the 'Setien Era' at FC Barcelona

The three key points of the 'Setien Era' at FC Barcelona

 Quique Setién y su staff posaron en el banquillo del Camp Nou como parte del protocolo de su presentación | Rubén Moreno

The new coach promises to produce good football, to use the academy players and that everyone starts from scratch under him

New FC Barcelona head coach, Quique Setién, came across as a man with clear ideas at his first press conference.

Barça signed him for his vision of the game and how his methods fit perfectly with the club's DNA. "I don't have titles or a strong CV but I love this philosophy. My teams play good football and that's the only thing I can guarantee: they will play good football. I don't know if I'll be enough to convince a club as big as this, always used to playing good football. In the last match, they played really well for 70 minutes," speaking about the most recent loss to Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

The style of football

There was a lot of interest to know what formation and system he'd used at Barça. "What's important is the philosophy, to be clear about what we are trying to do. In terms of the formation, it's possible we could change to 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, which is what a lot of teams are using right now. We need to talk with the players and take stock of a lot of things. The formation might change, I can't rule it out." 

Setien has always been a strong supporter of promoting youth at all of his previous clubs. "In terms of the academy, it's clear this club has an extraordinary one. I don't know a lot about the majority of players but they'll train and be involved with us. The players in the first team must realise that if someone is promoted it's because they deserve to be. I'm open to using the academy boys because it stops those at the top from getting too relaxed. It's a message I always send to the kids: if you really progress and earn your spot, you could perfectly fit in with the first team and become a member of it."  

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Setien is aware that changes need to be made at Barça. "I'm convinced that I can add some things which I like and I believe, not just with Valverde but before him too, that they could have done better. Because if everything was going well then I wouldn't have been needed. I'm sure we can improve some aspects, the way we communicate, which varies from coach to coach."

The coach isn't afraid to put his brand of football ahead of everything else. "The most important thing is the real work we see day in, day out. To always be ready to work the best we can. I have a way of living which has stuck with me for a long time. I listen to everybody but I have my own ideas. You know my ideas, my style of football and if I have to die alongside them, I will. We'll try and get the best out of all our players."

Leo Messi

Obviously, Barça's philosophy also includes having Lionel Messi to call upon. "I'm still not aware of what it means to coach the best player in the world and his teammates. We've spoken with him and a few others, but i told him: one thing is the admiration I have for you. Messi is Messi, Busquets is Busquets, Pique is Pique, but everyone must earn their place. I'm sure I will have a great relationship with them all. The players will see I'm a direct and sincere person, I won't beat around the bush. If I see something I don't like, I'll talk with them, because they've already got the talent."

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