The stats on which Antoine Griezmann bases his complaints

He netted for France playing in attacking midfielder for Didier Deschamps's side

¿Recado de Deschamps a Koeman?: Griezmann jugó en su mejor posición | Perform

Juan Manuel Díaz


Antoine Griezmann says Didier Deschamps believes in him and plays him in the right place. The forward, who has not fitted in at Barcelona, came out with that after scoring again for France on Wednesday night. 

The little prince was sending a message to Ronald Koeman, perhaps. But the stats seem to back Griezmann up. He has 33 goals for France, the fifth highest scorer in their history, behind Henry (51), Giroud (42), Platini (41) and David Trezeguet (34). 

Griezmann's stats for France, per Transfermarkt, show that 20 of his goals and 18 of his 24 assists have come playing as an attacking midfielder cum support striker.

FRANCE Games Goals Assists Goals per game
Total 83 33 24 0,40
ST 5 2 0 0,40
AM/SS 39 20 18 0,51
RW 17 7 5 0,41
LW 22 4 1 0,18

For now those stats are not being reflected at Camp Nou, where he's either started as a solo striker or out to the left or right wings.

Philippe Coutinho is playing in Griezmann's ideal role (where Messi would also be an option), with the Frenchman on the right in Koeman's scheme. He is often far from the ball and with little freedom to move.

Koeman recriminated Antoine after the Sevilla draw. 

Here are his Barca stats:

BARÇA Games Goals Assists GPG
Total 51 15 4 0,29
ST 18 7 2 0,39
AM/SS 3 - - -
RW 5 - - -
LW 25 8 2 0,32

At Atletico Madrid he was often used either as the striker or as second striker. And that was his best era at club level. 

ATLÉTICO Games Goals Assists GPG
Total 257 133 50 0,52
ST 119 68 25 0,57
AM/SS 100 47 21 0,47
RW 16 7 2 0,44
LW 12 7 5 0,58

Simeone liked Griezmann near the opponents box and he was also able to get a lot of assists there. However Barca's game has nothing to do with Atletico and that is where the problems start. 


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